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Pictured: A sample Trust Scripts Card

Step 1:
Print out your card.

Step 2:
Carry it with you and present it to the pharmacy cashier every time you pay for prescription medicine.

The discounts will automatically be updated to your bill before you pay! It’s that easy!

Download your card now.

How To Get A Card

Trust Scripts boasts the largest pharmacy discount network in the country with well over 56,000 participating pharmacies including just about every major pharmacy chain from CVS to Wal-Mart. The pharmacies are contracted to deliver some of the highest discount rates in the industry.
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Download Your Free Card
Trust Scripts Cards are free to download and use. No payment is required — ever — to benefit from the Trust Scripts discounts on prescription medicine.
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Descargue Su Confianza Libre
Trust Scripts Tarjetas son libre descargar y utilizar. Ningún pago es requerido — jamás — beneficiar de los descuentos de Trust Scripts en la medicina de prescripción.
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