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The Trust Scripts Partner Program

TrustScripts partners with all types of businesses - non-profit organizations, associations, government agencies, hospitals, physician practices and insurance brokers. Our Partner Program will provide you with an extra benefit to offer your employees, members or patients. The Program is also a unique and excellent marketing tool. This card will enable your sales team to provide your referral sources with a meaningful benefit that they will remember you by. In addition, our qualifying and non-profit organizations will be eligible for a revenue share.

It's Easy to Be A TrustScripts Partner

TrustScripts distributes the discount prescription cards through trusted advisors - prospective partners like you. Research shows that when someone receives the card through a trusted advisor (such as their employer or an assocation) they are more likely to believe in and trust the card, which makes them more likely to use the card.

Along with the discount presciption cards, we will provide the marketing tools you will need to help your employees, clients, patients, member's family and friends understand how to save money by using the card.

Make A Difference

  • Help your members, employees, friends and family.
  • Offer a benefit that's FREE.
  • Gain a high level of recognition in your communnity, industry and association.

Here are some organizations like yours helping their members with Trust Scripts cards: